What company would openly need or desire to use suppliers that may be involved in modern slavery and the trafficking of human beings against their will?

Possibly the manufacturer of your current favorite putter.

“Milled in the USA” should read: “You’re Being Sold a Lie”

The companies that put that misnomer front and center justify doing so by “milling” part of their product in the United States. What they don’t openly admit is that the product comes 90%+ finished from suppliers overseas, in places so rife with corruption, abuse, and slavery that they're required to not only disclose that they have a policy in place, but also requires them to regularly audit said suppliers to ensure compliance. They run one tool across one surface and the lie begins.

Ever been part of an audit? Everything is squeaky clean, well beyond daily operations and, with advance notice, could and would allow the supplier time to hide anything that would put the “Milled in the USA” companies in violation. 

Those same suppliers in those same countries that would sooner spit on your shoe than shake your hand are being rewarded with your hard-earned money. The “magic” $500 flagship putter line has a huge margin baked in for those companies, while putting anything left over in the pockets of potentially nefarious actors possibly using coerced labor. As a consumer and end-user, you can do better.

AXP is 100% American made, something we don’t take lightly. We use voluntary American labor, in an American facility, to bring you a truly unique tool for your game. AXP staff live in your communities, pay taxes, vote, and have a commitment to seeing America stay #1. 

Think about that the next time you pull the “Milled in the USA” club from your bag.


Go take a look for yourself.