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Axis Pitch



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A resulting culmination of highly advanced design, leading-edge machining tactics, and a complete dedication to not compromising our solid 303 GSS responsiveness, the "BANSHEE" defies convention and gravity.

Our team set out to bring you high MOI, large sighting surface, and the predictable responsiveness you can expect from all our models, while keeping the output weight on target.

Within the large interior pocket, we've added a PTFE fluoropolymer insert - which shares applications for high performance bearings, bushings, and dampening components. Expect your Banshee to have highly repeatable feel, and consistency.

We accomplished all of these goals, in a profile that is previously unseen and certainly unparalleled.

  • LOFT: 3.33º +/- .01º
  • LIE: 72º
  • MATERIAL: 303 German Stainless Steel
  • WEIGHT: 420G 
  • OFFSET: Half Shaft, or High MOI Round Stem
  • GREEN CONTACT STYLE: Primary Flat (80%) with 10° Wings on each side
  • NOTES: Aerospace-derived weight reduction, CNC PTFE insert

Fully Customizable thru AXP Bespoke

*Available in a left-handed version 

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