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Axis Pitch



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To cap off the “Front Nine”, we set out to bring you a truly unique model. Designed as a tribute to the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, and sharing the powerful curvature, symmetrical wings, and inverted arch, the AXP "Kingdom Centre" putter is more than an accurate depiction of an iconic tower.

We’ve paired the billet stock cut -T6511 aluminum body with our machined 303 stainless steel insert, sporting a limited release full geometric pattern. This coupling results in a pure, deep, and consistent feel, while maintaining 345 grams assembled.

The smooth, symmetrical wing surfaces taper to the inverted arch; features that only the most advanced machining techniques can accomplish. We didn’t stop at aesthetics, the “Kingdom Centre” is perfectly face balanced - an intentional outcome accomplished by superior design intent, and does so without powders, tapes, or weights.

We’ve tapped the mount angle at a 72 degree lie, a 4-degree loft with a 2-degree forward pitch. This mild forward lean supports a gentle press grip, giving you every edge possible to better perform on the green.

We’re proud to demonstrate and celebrate “Kingdom Centre” as the 9th model of our “The Front Nine” release.

  • LOFT: 4.0°+/- .01º (2° Forward Press for an effective 2° Loft)
  • LIE: 72º
  • HEAD MATERIAL: 6061-T6511
  • INSERT MATERIAL: 303 German Stainless Steel
  • OFFSET: Direct Mount at Center of Gravity for Highest MOI
  • GREEN CONTACT STYLE: Primary Flat (75%) with Smooth Radius Wing Surfaces

Fully Customizable thru AXP Bespoke

*Available in a left-handed version 
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