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Axis Pitch



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Nature develops the best hunters and fighters our planet knows, and "MANTIS" is no different.

A competitor in a compact profile, this semi-rounded mallet is ready for your biggest challenges, with geometry that is unmistakably a tribute to the Animal Kingdom.

Shoulder mounted shaft, tri-flat sole, and highly visible sight lines will feel familiar, while having zero peers on the course. Make your own discoveries within.

  • LOFT: 3.33º +/- .01º
  • LIE: 72º
  • MATERIAL: 303 German Stainless Steel
  • WEIGHT: 385G
  • OFFSET: Half Shaft Shoulder Mounted
  • GREEN CONTACT STYLE: Symmetric Tri-Flat (4º Per Flat)

Fully Customizable thru AXP Bespoke

*Available in a left-handed version 

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