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Axis Pitch



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A tribute to one of the favorited Southern cities, the "NOLA" brings you a wave-front face on a rounded mallet, with the full green surface contact of a much larger club.

The framed face, dynamic contours, and sleek fastback appeal to the eye, while the full-billet 303 GSS "NOLA" brings your game farther with responsiveness and MOI not found in bottom-plate competitors. This hand-crafted tool will not disappoint.

  • LOFT: 3.33º +/- .01º
  • LIE: 72º
  • MATERIAL: 303 German Stainless Steel
  • WEIGHT: 410G
  • OFFSET: High MOI Round Shaft
  • GREEN CONTACT STYLE: Full- Symmetric Mild Round Bottom

Fully Customizable thru AXP Bespoke

*Available in a left-handed version 

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